STNA: Spatio-Temporal Network Analysis



  1. Networks are all around us.  Your circle of friends; the route you take to work; cars on the road; tiny neurons firing inside your brain; ecological systems.  Understanding how elements within these networks interact has fascinated scientists for decades, with pivotal results such as 6-degrees of separation [Milgram ’66], Small World Networks [Watts ’98], finding important central nodes [Freeman ’73] to name just a few, having application to easing road congestion, enhancing computer systems and understanding human social processes.

  2. However, all such analysis has concentrates on static analysis, or in other words, assuming that all relationships between nodes appear at the same time and at the same place.  This project is interested in utilising the importance of both space and time in such analysis. We aim to investigate how these additional dimensions influence the structural properties and the dynamic behavior of networks. From the temporal point of view, we develop new metrics upon a time-varying model of a network which can be thought of as a set of snapshots of the network state. From the spatial point of view, we study how the nodes of a network can be placed in a metric space and how distance affects the pattern of connections among them.

  3. This new approach provides fascinating new directions for the development of new applications and new systems on online social networks and on mobile systems and for a better understanding of social processes such as influence, trust and information spreading.


  1. Dr. Cecilia Mascolo (Project Lead)

  2. Dr. Mirco Musolesi

  3. Dr. Vito Latora

  4. Mr. Salvatore Scellato

  5. Dr. John Tang


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