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Making your work public

Making your work public

This page is under construction.

Open access

Text to follow. The University's open access pages are here.

Open data

Most funders now have open data requirements. The strictest are currently those of the EPSRC, which requires that all publications arising from EPSRC-funded research from 1st May 2015 include a statement describing how to access the underlying data (or a statement explaining why access is restricted). In practise, this also means that:

  • data should be cited in publications with the use of persistent links, and should be accessible no later than the publication is available on line
  • data should be available for at least 10 years
  • data should have associated metadata that enables others to understand why, when and how the data was generated

You can restrict access for reasons of commerical or personal confidentiality, or because it would be prohibitively expensive to maintain the data in a repository. Other funder requirements are currently lesser, and can be found here.

The University's data management pages have further information on data planning and management, with contact details for the central data management team.


Symplectic is the University's research information management system. The login page is here. Symplectic was a central part of the REF2014 submission process, and is highly likely to be the primary source of information for the next REF (due in 2019/2020).