The Origami Project


The Origami project is a three year EPSRC project forming part of a general research programme on human-computer interaction. The goal of the project is to investigate and implement new methods for human-computer interaction, and to apply and evaluate their use.

The Computer Laboratory is a leading research centre in computer graphics and interaction. This project builds on an earlier collaboration with the Rank Xerox Research Centre in Cambridge (EuroPARC) on the DigitalDesk - an ordinary desk augmented with a computer display using projection television and a video camera to monitor inputs. A number of prototype systems have been implemented to demonstrate its feasibility. This research project is investigating the technology further, addressing issues of performance and developing a strategy for combining electronic and printed documents to give a richer presentation than that afforded by either separate medium.

The project is also evaluating the technology's application to electronic publishing and educational computing in collaboration with the Interactive Courseware Research and Development (ICRD) Group based in the Deptartment of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics.

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