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Nigori: Secrets in the cloud

Computer users today have a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop and a desktop machine. Consequently, many new computer applications seamlessly synchronise user data between devices using cloud storage as a highly-available intermediary. Whilst the communication link between the user device and cloud storage is often encrypted, user data is typically stored in a form which is readable by the cloud provider and the application developer.

The aim of the Nigori project is to develop a practical, application neutral, mechanism for storing sensitive user data in the cloud in such a way that the cloud provider and application developer cannot read any of the stored information. We have an initial specification, and an implementation of Nigori for Java and Android. Work is underway on a Dart/JavaScript version suitable for use as a plug-in for Web browsers.

Nigori consists of two components: a datastore and a client library. A Nigori datastore is a service, either run locally on the device alongside the application, or run remotely in the cloud. The client library forms part of the application and runs on a user's device, encrypts data, and manages the user's datastores. A typical application deployment will contain one datastore on each user device and one datastore in the cloud; the application can then use Nigori to keep datastores, and therefore user data, synchronised across all their devices.

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