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The VNC mailing lists

Two VNC mailing lists are maintained by realVNC.
vnc-list Main list for questions, suggestions, bug reports etc. This list also has a digest option, which will just send you one message a day containing all of the last day's messages.  You may prefer this to the standard list, particularly if your mail reader won't filter the traffic into a separate folder for you. Although this list is not moderated, you must be subscribed to it in order to post.
vnc-announce List for announcements regarding VNC Such announcements include new versions of VNC, successful ports to other platforms and availability of related software. This list is 'moderated', which means that messages sent here will only appear if we approve them, which we will do provided they are appropriate for the list.
In addition to subscribing to the above lists, you should read the VNC FAQ and the documentation for the version(s) of VNC you are using. The contribs page contains ports to other platforms and other VNC-related projects. Archives of the VNC mailing list are also available, containing discussions of VNC topics.

For comments, feedback, etc, please see the 'Keeping in touch' page.
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