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Classy audio for classy people

Hertz is a simple audio recorder that doesn't compress your sounds into oblivion. Most "sound recorder" applications on the marketplace - and even the built-in Android Sound Recorder - save your audio into the 3GPP format. This makes anything other than simple voice recordings sound like they've been put through a meat grinder.

Hertz records your audio straight to the uncompressed WAV format, at a sampling rate of your choosing. No processing or compression. Just higher sample rates for higher-quality recordings. You can then grab it off the Android's SD card and do whatever you want to it.

You can get a free copy off the Android marketplace, or from here if you have installing from unknown sources switched on (not recommended).

Open Source

Hertz is open source software licenced under Apache 2.0. The source code is available.

Privacy policy

Hertz collects no information and does not transmit anything to anyone. It records audio when requested by the user and stores this audio to the SD card.