Queens' College

Calendar 2018-2019 Final

The college calendar is split into categories shown below. Use the checkboxes to filter the calendar to events of interest. If no categories are selected then the links on this page will include all events.

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Accommodation (7)
Admissions (2)
Alumni (6)
Boat Club (5)
Catering (27)
Chapel (6)
Chaplain (3)
Committees - Academic Performance (2)
Committees - Bursarial (8)
Committees - Fellowships (7)
Committees - Investments (2)
Committees - Library & Archives (2)
Committees - Review (2)
Committees - Safety (2)
Committees - Staff Sports & Social Club (6)
Committees - Teaching & Learning (6)
Committees - Tutorial (3)
Congregation (1)
Congregations (4)
Development Director (2)
Dinners (18)
Domus (5)
Feasts (4)
Fellows (27)
Fellowship (27)
Governing Body (11)
Graduate (6)
Guest Night (5)
High Table (3)
JCR (36)
JCR - Bats (5)
JCR - Freshers (12)
JCR - Magsoc (1)
Librarian (5)
Library (4)
MA (2)
MCR (27)
Matriculation (3)
Meetings (5)
Praelector (9)
President (7)
President's Lodge (22)
Residence (6)
SCR (17)
Safety Officer (2)
Senior Tutor (9)
St Margaret Society (1)
Staff (8)
TSA (5)
Term dates (12)
Tutorial (27)
Tutors (8)
War Memorial Library (2)


By subscribing to the college calendar you will automatically receive updates to events. Instructions: Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple iCal


Note that you probably want to subscribe to this feed rather than import it. The difference is that if you import the calendar you are taking a copy of the information here and so you won't get any updates or corrections included in your calendar. The college calendar writes the time that the calendar was last refreshed into the location field in events for the start and end of term. Check this the day after adding the calendar: if it has changed then you have subscribed properly, if not then you probably have a copy. Almost all calendar tools will cache a copy of the calendar and so you shouldn't expect the value to change immediately.

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Provisional calendar

The starting point for next year's provisional calendar is to use this year's calendar adjusted for term dates. The downloaded provisional calendar can be imported into a new calendar and edited as required.