Computer Laboratory

Cambridge Programming Research Group


The members of the Cambridge Programming Research Group meet in GS15 at 15:15-16:15 on most Fridays. The Friday presentations can be:

  • guest speakers who are visiting Cambridge
  • one of more brief progress reports about the work of PhD students
  • reports on part II projects in an advanced stage
  • summaries of interesting papers
  • summaries of the top three presentations at a recently visited conference
  • presentations of early versions of planned papers
  • tutorials on an interesting technology or topic
  • outlook on planned work in one of our projects

There is also usually an informal group meeting for internal members on Thursday following lunch (usually 1pm).

CPRG talks are advertised at the website. Please subscribe to that website to receive email notifications.

There is also an email list cl-cprg-announce[AT], where external talks of interest are announced.

Please sign up for cl-cprg-announce mailing list on You'll also find it useful to sign up for

Forthcoming meetings