PAT 2018

Portable Appliance Testsing (PAT) is not a legal requirement, but is required by our insurers. Estate Management have hired contractors to fulfill the insurers’ requirement at very short notice.
Some information which might be of interest:

  • Computers will not be turned off without permission.
  • No machine rooms or risers will be included in this testing.
  • They expect to do 300 items per day, and will hve one ot two people at a time
  • On the first day, they found a mains lead which failed the impedence test (.32 Mohms – had limescale)
  • They estimated 1500 items (5 per PC), but then discovered that there were twice as many offices.
  • All items plugged into the mains will be tested, including fitted dishwashers and fridges
  • The tester uses 500v at 200mA
  • Cables and connected devices, such as PCs and power supplies, are each tested, labelled and recorded.
  • Visual inspection only on ‘servers’.
  • Not testing unconnected kit e.g. in store rooms, so needs to be tested before bringing into use.

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