Wireless network replacement – phase 1 complete

The initial phase of the replacement wireless network installation is now complete. All of the old access points have been decommissioned, and 24 Aruba access points have been installed.

We now intend to assess the coverage before deciding whether to proceed with a second phase. We have budgeted for about 6 further access points which may be needed to fill in coverage gaps, but since we will be charged by the number actually installed there is no point in installing them unless they are clearly needed.

I would therefore be interested in reports of locations in the building where wireless coverage is non-existent or marginal. Immediate action is unlikely, but we will correlate reports and if a pattern emerges, it should be possible to improve the coverage in problem areas.

The coverage of the four ESSIDs on offer should be identical, as they are all delivered from the same access points. The system does auto-configure channel allocations and power levels, so it may take a little while to settle down.

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