Migrating the filer to a new IP address – second stage

On 22nd February I wrote about the start of a campaign to the migrate the NetApp filer “elmer” to a new IP address. There have been a few hiccups, but by and large the migration has gone smoothly. The vast majority of machines migrated to the new address of their own accord, and over the last few days the stragglers have been cajoled into moving by more or less drastic means.

It is now time to take the next step. We intend to close down the old address on the morning of Tuesday 6th April, immediately after the Easter break. It is possible that there will be some residual problems (for example machines that have been hibernating might have escaped detection).

The most likely symptom if we have missed any machines is that they will hang. The easiest fix will be to reboot. If that is terribly inconvenient, we may be able to rescue the situation in other ways. If in doubt, please contact sys-admin@cl.cam.ac.uk as usual.

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