Computer Laboratory

Video Conference Facilities

Limited Videoconference facilities are available. The room should be booked via Reception. There is a conference phone and also a PC based system suitable for a single person to interact with other sites. The PC runs Skype and also a Polycom system which will interwork with standard videoconferencing systems at other sites.

Use the Polycom PVX for IP video conferencing, you should switch on the camera by making sure the lens cover slider at the front is fully to the right before you login to the machine, if you omit to do this exit the Polycom application, switch on the camera and after the firmware has downloaded to it relaunch the PVX application.

Skype uses the Kodak camera on the top of the monitor and a microphone on the lighting bar via the mixer for input and speakers for output. You should enable the microphones by depressing the Phantom power switch at the top right of the mixer desk. If you switch to using the headset then please reconnect the sockets on the PC to use the mixer when you have finished.

Additional facilities available

If you need to run a multi-person video conference then the recommended option is to go and use the Videoconference Suite in the University Computing Service. This is a managed service but can also be used out-of-hours.

If there are less than 6 people then an alternative is to hire form the UCS a portable unit which can be used in SC01. The room is configured to allow the hire unit to convenitently connect to the TV and microphones in the room. This hire unit needs to be booked in advance and collected and returned. You only have to pay for the call time at £25 per hour. If you want to use this then please submit a request to reception detailing the time and date and participants along with details of the remote site. We will then endevour to book the unit and arrange for it to be collected in time for the event. If you have used it before then you will be expected to set it up and test it ahead fo the event. A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for this. If this is the first time you have used the facility then contact sys-admin a few days before to arrange for assitance in setting up.

If you need to give information to remote sites that may attempt to call you then the addresses of the machines hare are:-  -- polycom PVX unit for single user only  -- hired unit suitable for 2-6 users

If you need advise them contact Graham Titmus.