Computer Laboratory

Video Conference Facilities

Limited Videoconference facilities are available in the WGB. There are two rooms equipped for use. The first, SC01, should be booked via Reception. That room has a conference phone (ext 34411) and also a Skype unit attached to a wall mounted TV screen. The instructions for using the Skype system are on an instruction sheet in the room. It is suggested that you ask the other party to call you on that system as entering usernames is difficult. For voice calls details on how to setup and use conference calls to multiple other participants are given on the UIS Telecomms website.

An additonal room (FW09) provides a more mainstream videoconference system. The equipment in that room is managed by the UCS VideoConference team. The room can be booked either with them or, for members of the CL, directly with our reception. In any case all support and help will be provided by the UIS staff.

A peripatetic voice conference phone is available from reception. It can be taken to any office and plugged in a socket on which any phone or computer is currently connected. Contact reception to borrow it. Loans should not normally exceed a half day.