Computer Laboratory


There is a combination colour scanner/copier/printer in GC18 (mulberry). It can scan to tiff or PDF and send the result by email.

There is also a combination colour scanner/copier/printer in SW11. It can be used my anyone with a MCS account and is acccessed by using the University Card.

In addition, two scanners are available for general use in the library (rear section by movable shelving).


The Epson scanner in the library is connected to a Linux PC and normally used with the xsane software. See the XSane documentation for details.


Operating instructions

The Fuji Scansnap colour image scanner is very easy to operate from the connected Windows PC, just follow the instructions below.

A couple of dialogue boxes will appear, just follow the instructions as requested.

  • Login to the Windows PC with your normal Lab CRSID and password
  • Press the Power button to turn on the scanner (a blue light will appear)
  • Place the page(s) you want to scan in the scanner, face forward and right way up.
  • Press the scanners green button, to activate the scanner
  • The scanner will scan all your pages (front and back), which will then appear in Adobe Acrobat
  • Your image is saved in the My Documents folder
    Please either delete, or move your scanned image to your personal network drive when your scanning has completed
  • Turn off the scanner when finished (hold Power button for about 3 seconds)
  • Please logout of the machine when finished

Deleting unwanted pages

Because the scanner scans both pages, you may find more pages than required in your Adobe Acrobat document. To remove unwanted pages:

  • View the Pages sidebar: View, Navigation Panels, Pages
  • Select the pages you want to delete by holding the CTRL key and clicking on desired pages with the mouse
  • Still holding the CTRL key, right click a page and select delete pages
  • Choose Selected and click on OK

Note: The scanner should automatically delete white pages. You would only need to remove unwanted pages with content.