Department of Computer Science and Technology

Scanning/Copying/Printing on mulberry

Mulberry is a Ricoh Aficio MP C5000 multi-function colour printer/copier/scanner (manual) located in GC18.

Printing or copying

Copying is straightforward and needs no special instructions.

Printing – this machine can also be used as a normal colour printer by printing to mulberry.


Emailing scanned documents

This section explains the basic procedure for sending scan files by e-mail. Obviously there are a great many buttons (both real and touch screen) which you could press, but the usual operations are simple and reasonably intuitive. This page only describes the basic functions.

A copy of this document is displayed next to the machine, so you do not have to print out this page (and the rather poor photographs, sorry)!

Start by pressing the [Scanner select] button to take you to the E-mail screen.

front panel

The current settings will appear in the Current settings area.

scan front screen
  • Place originals.
  • If necessary, press [Scan Settings] to specify scanner settings such as resolution and scan size.

    type screenresolution screensize screen

    The Scan Type screen will appear, Resolution or Scan Size will appear when the relevant tab is selected. Press [OK] when done, this will take you back to the Email Screen. Selecting both high resolution and full colour will result in a large file, up to about 10Mbytes per page - thus this is not recommended for multi-page files (of more than say 5 sides) as you may run into file size limits imposed by our mailer.

  • If necessary, press [Send File Type/Name] on the Email Screen to specify settings such as file format and file name (optional). file type screen

    Note also the distinction between single page and multi page documents.

  • Specify the destination by pressing [Manual Entry] on the Email Screen.

    email screen

    Alternatively, an email address can be stored permanently in the Address Book by selecting [Prg Dest] on the Email screen. It will then appear in the Address book area. That address can subsequently be selected by touching it.

  • If necessary, press [Text] on the Email Screen to enter an e-mail message to be sent with the scan.
  • If necessary, press [Subject] on the Email Screen to specify the e-mail subject. The two stored possibilities are Urgent or High, touch those if you want to use them, alternatively enter your own text by selecting [Text Entry].

    subject screen

  • When happy, press the Start button (the large green circular button on the right hand keypad).
  • If you are scanning batches, place the next originals.

To cancel scanning, press the Clear/Stop button (the red circular button on the right hand keypad).

After an e-mail is sent, the destination, sender, subject, text, and file name fields will be automatically cleared.

Note that an A4 full colour PDF at 600dpi will result in a file being sent in the region of 10Mbytes, other selections will be significantly smaller. The default settings are for this to be delivered as a single email.