Computer Laboratory

Information for Windows users

Wireless network connection (WLAN, Wi-Fi)

To use the lab wifi network you must apply for access. You do this by using the web form. After this is filled in you will be contacted with the details you need to use the connection. You need:

  • A suitable network card or built-in device. Currently IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g variants are supported.
  • Details of the key and network name that you will be supplied with after your application is processed.

You don't need a privileged account on your computer.

Joining the wireless LAN

The job is all done using the relevent "Network connection properties" under XP. Users of previous versions of Windows will have to use the utilities supplied by the wlan card vendors for that version. These are not documented here. If you want to use wireless access then you are strongly advised to upgrade to XP.

  • Open the Control Panel, double click on Network Connections
  • Right click on the correct network interface and select properties.
  • Select the 'Wireless Networks' tab in the form.

    Note that in this example I have already configured two networks with different SSIDs and keys.

  • Click on the Advanced button (the one towards the bottom on the right above the Cancel button) and make sure that it is set as follows, altering it as necessary.

    Then click on Close

  • Assuming you have not set up a connection for the CL then click on 'Add' and fill in the form as follows:

    The actual SSID entered is the one supplied to you. Then click on OK to close this window and OK again to close the Network Properties form.

  • After a short while the network should connect.