Computer Laboratory

Information for Windows users

Connecting to your workstation remotely



Remote Desktop access is available to Windows workstations. By default, access from outside the CL network is denied but can be enabled on request by e-mailing win-admin. Using remote dekstop from outside the computer laboratory network is a potential security risk as you need to type your password at a keyboard to login. You should therefore only use remote desktop from a trusted machine such as your laptop or a workstation you own. You should never use it from a shared machine or cybercafe. It is safe to use it from MCS machines around the University of Cambridge and colleges.

The client software for macOS can be downloaded from Microsoft; for Linux clients, the rdesktop program is available. Windows clients have a built-in application which can be run by typing mstsc into the command prompt window.

Most newer machines are set to power down when not in use, so before you can start a remote desktop session you will need to power your machine back on using Wake on Lan (WoL). This can be done via a web page and entering either the MAC address of the machine you wish to wake up or its name. If the name does not work, you need to register the name/MAC pair for WoL by mailing sys-admin.