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Information for Windows users

Managed machine's default power settings

Machines running Microsoft Vista and later have their power saving option controlled by group policy. The aim is to set the default so that machines sleep when idle. The definition of idle in this context is a lack of user interaction rather than running processes. The power settings policy that is configured is the Balanced (recommended) policy which is set as the default after installation of the OS.

power options

The machine can always be woken if you wish to use it remotely. The main issue with the power saving mode is if you start a task that cannot be suspended (eg something that requires a network connection to be kept alive), in such cases you may wish to consider setting an alternative power policy which does not sleep. If you do this then please try to use such a setting only when you need it or if you want to use this as your standard setting please try to rember to sleep your machine when you know it is not needed for some time such as at the end of the working day.