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Information for Windows users

X11 Linux graphics over PuTTY with Exceed

Windows user can use Computer Laboratory remote-login Linux servers using the PuTTY SSH client. However, PuTTY provides only the functionality of an old-style VT100 character terminal, and one its own does not allow the use of Linux applications with a graphical user interface from Windows. To allow graphical Linux/Unix applications to open their windows on your Windows PC, you need start-up the commercial X11 server “Exceed” in addition to PuTTY.


Remove any existing installations, before proceeding.

If you are on a Lab managed machine, then both packages are available via the Systems Management “Advertised Programs” installer. The installer may manifest itself as a small white rectangle in your task bar.
Otherwise, you can get to it via: “Start Menu | Settings | Control Panel | Advertised Programs”. (Note, that you don't want the “Advertised Programs Monitor”.)

The following are instructions on how to install “Exceed” (version 2007 at time of writing).

If you are installing from the “Advertised Programs” installer, which is a locally configured version removing all unnecessary extras then this performs a silent install.

If you are installing from CD, only install the minimal system of an X-server and fonts:

  • Run the program from the “Advertised Programs” area.
  • Accept the Licence Agreement.
  • If not already entered, enter your username and select Anyone who uses this computer in the Install this Product area (this may also be preselected for you).
  • Accept the default installation destination folder.
  • In the User Directory Location window, accept the default selection of Per User Directory.

    User Directory Location

  • For Setup Type, select custom installation and then remove all but exceed form the setup.

    Setup Type

  • In the Additonal Install Option for the Product window, leave all tick boxes empty, except under Updates; Tick Run Hummingbird Update after Installation.

    Additional Install Options

  • In the Introducing Exceed onDemand4.5 section, accept the default No to NOT launch this program after installation.

    Exceed onDemand 4.5

  • Click on Install and wait for it to complete installation. This can take a few minutes.
  • When installation is finished, a WebUpdate window will appear requesting a check for updates to “Hummingbird Exceed” and “InstallShield.”
    Select “Hummingbird Exceed” and click on Check for Update

    Web Update

    (If this doesn't work, click on the Settings tab and make sure I connect through a local area network (LAN) is selected and try again).

    Web Update Settings

  • Click Yes when asked if you want to isntall the updated patch or version.

    Patch or version update

  • You may have to click Run to an “XP” or“ Vista” security warning window, if it appears, giving permission to install the program.

    Security Warning

  • You can try to update the InstallShield WebUpdate, but this never seems to locate the correct webpage it needs.
  • Close all “Hummingbird” windows.
  • Restart your computer to complete the installation.

In case of any problem with the installation, contact the Windows Administrators.

Setting up Exceed

“Exceed” appears as:

“Start Menu | Programs | Hummingbird Connectivity V8.0 | Exceed | Exceed”.

We recommend you create a shortcut of this on your desktop, so that it is easier to access.

Note: You definitely do not need “Exceed (XDMCPBroadcast)”, which appears adjacent to “Exceed” itself. This is the old scheme, whose inflexibility and insecurity we're trying to avoid.)

If you are running on a machine where you want to hibernate then make sure you turn off “Prevent display from being shut down” which is under “Other Server Settings | Power Management” as this prevents a machine hibernating when eXceed is running.

You should also have installed “PuTTY”, which you will need to use to access a Linux machine.

Running Exceed with PuTTY

  • Run Exceed.

    This will open a program group on your task bar that will run quietly in the background, and a small toolbar may appear on the screen.

    Exceed Toolbar

    You should not have to alter any configurations, but the toolbar is where you can do this if required.

  • Now run your configured version of PuTTY, opening the session of your choice.

    A UNIX shell window will open.

Your Unix window will now allow you to run Unix X11-enabled applications.