Department of Computer Science and Technology

Email rôle addresses within the department

If you don't know the exact person you want to contact, or have a specific problem you need help with, you can use one of these rôle-based email addresses to get assistance.

If the address is marked as ‘(moderated)’, your message will have to be manually approved by postmaster before it is sent out. Mail that doesn’t fit with broad outlines above will be rejected.

External addresses for use by anyone

Internal addresses for members of the department only

Please make the message a simple plain text object (no html, no attachments). If you would like to include an attachment, put it on the web and include a link in your message.

Restricted lists

  • building-users (moderated)
    Everyone in the building. Used to send significant building notices, like closures, possible obstructions, work going on in the building, etc.
  • teaching-research (moderated)
    All Laboratory Staff and Research Students. Used for notices about seminars, hints about possible grants/prizes, changes to Laboratory systems, etc.
  • wednesday (moderated)
    This list is all members of staff. It should only be used by members.