Computer Laboratory

Accessing NetApp Filespace

Your normal filestore that is held on the NetApp server can be accessed directly from a MAC whilst it is physically within the building. Access is permitted from the network on which unmanaged machines are connected and the wireless network.

To access the lab filespace you must have a valid login on either the Linux or Windows networks. You can then access your files using CIFS (a.k.a. SMB).

If you set the drive name to something like SMB://, that will connect you to your windows home directory. For users of Lions and later versions DFS referrals to the filer storage makes the process of mounting you home directory simple. To access group space go to SMB:// and to access your own filespace use SMB:// which will leave you in your superhome. Your Unix filespace is available at SMB://

In versions of MacOS prior to Lion you need to know which volume you are on - something like homes-3. Please note that the actual volume your files are stored on may change without notice so if a mount fails please check that your files are still on the same volume before reporting a fault. Mount smb://, where N is the location of your home directory and browse down to your files. You will then be presented for your credentials.

Only one uid/password mapping is permitted by CIFS/SMB per host connection. It is therefore sensible to add this to your keychain to simplify future access.

The Mac SMB method will only mount explicit mountpoints provided by our fileserver, there is no auto-mount facility available here so you cannot use the userfiles mapping to reach your files.