Computer Laboratory

Health & Safety

Induction form cribsheet

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome to the Department
      Collect access card from CO
      Office key from Reception

    2. Description of the Department
      Assistant Staff need to be given phone list maintained by Reception.

    3. Introduction to staff
      Assistant Staff - admin group, Stores, Building Services
      RAs - ditto, plus their research group via the PI

    4. Postal service
      Baskets in CG corridor outside Reception
      Post collections:

      Royal Mail:16:00
      UMS: 12:00 and 16:00

      Pay for private post at Reception

    5. Telephone service
      Local private calls are free within reason
      Long distance private calls - ask Reception for details of charges then pay cash
      Tell Reception if likely to be making regular long distance calls.

    6. Use of equipment: printers, copiers, fax etc.
      Printers - discuss with relevant CO
      Copiers and Faxes - location, free use

    7. Use of facilities: cafeteria, kitchens, showers, etc.
      Stationery cupboard in GC corridor. Special items from Stores
      Café - opening hours and menu advertised on site
      Showers - located near Library. Warn about need to leave in clean state

    8. Location of kitchens and toilets
      Colour coded (purple) except main toilet block on street. Warn about poor signage to and in toilets
      All electrical equipment (other than double insulated) to be PAT - tested.
      No personal microwave cookers, cookers, sandwich toasters, fridges, kettles, fans or heaters allowed in offices.
  2. Documentation
    1. University documents:
      Contract, pension form, staff handbook, safety booklet, job description
      Contract may not arrive for several weeks. Pack will include other items as above.

    2. University Card
      Follow Web instructions.
      Refer any problems to Departmental Coordinator

    3. Computing account and computing facilities booklet
      Available from Senior CO

  3. Working Arrangements
    1. Job requirements and line management
      Assistant staff refer to job description
      RAs supervised by PI.
      Other queries refer to Departmental Secretary

    2. Hours of work, including lunch and tea breaks
      Assistant staff refer to offer letter/contract
      RAs to consult PI or Departmental Secretary but assume average 35 - 37 hrs/week.
      Encourage all to take breaks

    3. Leave entitlement
      Assistant staff refer to offer letter/contract. Discuss plans with line manager.
      RAs to consult PI or Departmental Secretary but assume average 35 days/pa

    4. Procedure for reporting sick leave
      Phone line manager or Reception.
      Self - certification.

    5. Departmental policies
      No smoking.
      Others listed on web site.

    6. University policies
      Details on web site.
      Policy on harassment/bullying.

  4. Pay Arrangements

    1. Rate of pay
      Stated in contract.
      Refer any queries to Departmental Secretary.
      Salary scales are published on Personnel's web site.

    2. Time and method of payment
      Friday before the last Saturday in the month, by bank credit.

    3. Tax or pay queries
      Refer any queries to the Payroll Section of the Finance Division - look in University phone directory for suitable contact.

    4. Contributory pension scheme
      Automatic membership for Assistant Staff but able to opt out.
      See web site for details.
      RAs are sent application form with their contracts; can opt in or out.
      Staff from overseas or on very short contracts often opt out.

  5. Health and Safety within the Department

    1. Tour of building
      Look at specific needs plus fire exits and signs etc.

    2. Emergency evacuation procedure:
      Explain about the use of panic buttons
      Alarm system, action in event of an emergency, assembly point, notices
      Alarm system has several states depending on nature of emergency.
      Explain that it is a voice system, not a bell.
      Prime action should be to get out safely!
      Assembly points are outside the building, 2 in the car park and 1 near the loading bay.

    3. Accidents: First Aid room, First Aiders, accident reporting
      1st Aiders listed in University phone book. Contact Reception.

    4. Work place assessment and VDU guidance
      Red book to have/borrow from back of H&S drawer in Reception. Upper limb disorder and VDUs page has details - photocopies of from in H&S drawer, or Word document on web page and returned to H&S secretary, Reception or DSO.
      Form to be completed by members of the department.

    5. Occupational Health Service
      Staff can be referred by the Department, after work place assessment or in cases of particular need.
      Consult H&S secretary or DSO.

    6. Hazards
      Usual care to be taken over use of electrical equipment or moving heavy kit.
      Consult Safety Officer or technical/stores staff as appropriate.
      Risk assessment information points out that it is everyone's responsibility to do Risk Assessments for all tasks they perform.
      Most likely problems are poor street lighting in the evening and travelling to/from the department.
      Completed forms (from web or H&S drawer) to be returned to H&S secretary or DSO.