Computer Laboratory

Health & Safety

Induction form

Induction guidelines and check list

This document is designed to help in the introduction of new staff to the University rules and procedures, and to their individual rights and responsibilities.

It should be completed as soon as possible after arrival, signed by the individual, their line manager (or supervisor, mentor, host, etc), and given to the Departmental Secretary.

Name: ____________________________________
Job title: ____________________________________
Date of appointment: ____________________________________
Name of Line Manager: ____________________________________
  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome to the Department
    2. Access card and office key
    3. Introduction to staff
    4. Postal services (Royal Mail and University Messenger Service)
    5. Telephone service
    6. Use of equipment: printers, copiers, fax etc.
    7. Use of facilities: parking, stores, cafeteria, etc.
    8. Location of kitchens and toilets

  2. Documentation
    1. University Personnel Division documents: contract, pension form, staff handbook, safety booklet
    2. University Card
    3. Computing account and computing facilities booklet

  3. Working Arrangements
    1. Job description and line management
    2. Hours of work, including lunch and tea breaks
    3. Leave entitlement and arrangements
    4. Procedure for reporting sick leave
    5. Departmental policies
    6. University policies (personnel)

  4. Pay Arrangements
    1. Rate of pay
    2. Time and method of payment
    3. Tax or pay queries
    4. Pension scheme

  5. Health and Safety
    1. Tour of building
    2. Emergency evacuation procedure: alarm system (including panic buttons), action in event of an emergency, assembly points, notices
    3. Accidents: First Aiders, accident reporting
    4. Work place self-assessment and VDU guidelines
    5. Occupational Health Service
    6. Hazards and the need for Risk Assessment

To be completed by the member of staff

I confirm that I have received the information, guidance, advice and instruction indicated on this checklist and in the associated documents.

Signed: ____________________________________
Date: ____________________________________

To be completed by the line manager

The member of staff has received induction training as indicated above.

Signed: ____________________________________
Date: ____________________________________

MAL/2002, revised /2003