Department of Computer Science and Technology

Information for staff

Induction Guidelines and Check List

On the first working day
Line Manager/PI Action: General New Starter Information:
Welcome to the Department General welcome to the Computer Laboratory.
Introduce to Reception.
Ensure individual sends Reception a digital photo for University Card
Reception will issue a University Card which doubles up as access card. Refer any problems to Departmental Card Coordinator.
Most offices are kept unlocked so ensure person has pedestal key. In occasional circumstances a key will be required - Facilities Manager can issue this.
Introduce to a selection of staff Assistant Staff: Admin Group, Stores, Building Services.
RAs: include line manager/PI, team, Departmental Secretary, personnel-admin, mentor for answering questions.
Explain Postal services:
  • Royal Mail
  • University Messenger Service (UMS)
Baskets located in GC corridor outside Reception.
Collection times: Royal Mail: 16:00, UMS 11:00.
Small items of private post (under three pounds) can be paid for at Reception. Larger items use Royal Mail to pay postage. Weighing scales are located in: Reprographics room ground floor, Alcove FC09 first floor, Alcove SC30, second floor.
Explain the telephone service and brief explanation of CISCO phone system Dial 9 for outside line. University numbers have 5 digits. Local private calls are free within reason. Tell Reception if likely to be making regular long distance calls.
Discuss the use of equipment
  • Printers/copiers
  • Scanners
Email Printing@CL with any problems.
Show location of printer/copiers/scanners.
There is also a cross shredder in the ground floor reprographics room and one outside the side of stores.
Explain the facilities available and rules surrounding their use:
  • Showers
  • Stores
  • Cafeteria
  • Car Park
Parking applications made through Facilities Manager (limited availability).
Stationery, batteries from Stores.
Show Cafe location - opening hours 08:30 - 16:00 and mention the various food vans around the edge of the site.
Showers - located near Library and on 2nd floor (must be left in clean state and don't leave any personal belongings).
All electrical equipment to be PAT tested. NO personal microwave cookers, cookers, fridges, kettles, fans or heaters allowed in offices. Building-services raises a work ticket for any facility type problems (e.g. leaking taps, spillages).
Explain the location of kitchens and toilets Describe or show location of nearest toilet and kitchen as well as those in the Street for any visitors/undergraduate students (this can be done within the Health and Safety tour of the building).
Explain the Lab and computing facilities and ensure they have a computing account Information available from Reception or queries to Sys-Admin team for any problems - this raises a work ticket.
Useful information regarding setting up your email account in the lab
Give them a list of useful Department contacts with role Issue them with document from Reception or ask Reception to email it to them.
Explain there are generic email addresses in Department Refer them to Roles and Responsibilities page and Email role addresses within the Department
Issue phone list Issue them with list from Reception or preferably refer them on-line to People Page
Explain general list of procedures e.g. catering, room bookings and stationary Email Reception with any queries. Booking of meeting rooms, contact reception. Availability of room bookings and catering requests to Reception. Reception will need to have PIs authorisation and account code for any requests requiring funds. When visiting Stores, Research Staff can request a Lab Book for notes (A4 hard bound book of lined paper).
Introduce to Employee Self-Service to review/update own personal details and for viewing payslips Employee Self Service . Payslips are paperless and available online only.
Mention Happy Hour every Friday at 5:00pm in the Common Room (FC24) Happy Hour
For all new female employees, introduce them to the women@CL group women@CL
For all new Research Staff inform them of the Research Staff Forum who can deal with any concerns. Members of the forum offer a mentoring service to all new researchers Research Staff Forum
For further information on the research staff mentoring scheme refer them to Joanne McNeely for further information
Inform them to look at the University's family friendly polices on the Athena SWAN webpage Athena SWAN
Working Arrangements
Explain your expectations of new staff in terms of their job and clarify line management Assistant staff should be referred to their job description.
RA's supervised by PI.
Other queries refer to Departmental Secretary or Personnel Admin
Where relevant discuss hours of work, including lunch and tea breaks Assistant staff refer to offer letter/contract.
RA's to consult PI or Departmental Secretary but assume average 35-37 hours per week.
Encourage all to take regular breaks and to take opportunity to meet other members of staff.
Explain where to feedback any problems/difficulties other than line manager If any staff have problems with their line manager or any other problems they do not want to discuss with their line manager they should be encouraged to speak to the Departmental Secretary or the Head or Deputy Heads of Department.
Explain leave and reporting arrangements:
  • Annual Leave
  • Sickness
Annual Leave
Discuss plans with them. Some PIs prefer not to use the email logging system for annual leave but at the least, staff to consult PI/line manager before taking leave.
Assistant staff to discuss plans with line manager and send notification to Notify Annual Leave to record this. NOTE: UKVI requirement is that all Tier 2 and 4 Visa holders MUST notify the PI and Notify Annual Leave when taking leave.
Sick Leave
Send sickness notification to Notify Sickness
On return to work complete self-certificate CHRIS/62 Form and submit to Joanne McNeely, Room GC08. Sickness absence for more than 7 days requires a certificate from GP.
Sickness Absence Policy

Inform them that there is the possibility for Teaching. Research staff and PhD students can supervise Undergraduates.
Research Students are encouraged to participate in the Lecture Series
Notes on Supervising Undergraduates
Research Students Lecture Series
Health and Safety
Give a brief tour of building Look at specific emergency needs plus fire exits, signs etc... If not already covered , show location of toilets and kitchens.
Explain and show the location of the recycling and waste facilities in the Lab Kitchens: Guidelines for recycling are found in each kitchen above the bins. We operate a mixed recycling scheme for all recyclable materials including, paper, card, cans, plastic and cartons which can all be disposed of in the same bin. Food waste can be disposed of in a separate bin.
Used batteries can be recycled in the bin by the Stores Office.
Used ink and toner catridges can be recycled if handed to our Store Manager.
Cafe: There are separate bins for food waste and recyclable waste.
University Guidelines for recycling and waste can be found on the Environment and Energy Office's website
Explain the security of Department Don't let people tailgate you. Encourage staff to refer to Security Policy
Explain the emergency evacuation procedure Explain action in event of an emergency, assembly point, notices. Alarm system has several states depending on nature of emergency. Explain that it is a voice system, not a bell and include notification of weekly fire test (every Thursday at 08:00).
Prime action should be to get out safely. Assembly point outside the building in front of the visitors car park.
Highlight first aiders and accidents reporting First Aiders are listed on the phone list and role addresses document. Contact Reception in the first instance of an accident or whoever practical. All accidents should be reported.
Alert new members to potential hazards and the need for Risk Assessment Usual care to be taken over use of electrical equipment or moving heavy kit. Consult Safety Officer or other staff as appropriate. It is everyone's responsibility to do Risk Assessment for all tasks they perform. Most likely problems are RSI, back prooblems, poor street lighting in the evenings and travelling to/from the department. Completed forms (from web) to be returned to Health and Safety Secretary or Department Safety Officer.
By the end of the second week.....
Working Arrangements
Introduce to University Look-up service Explain Raven look-up service with contact details for all University and College Staff.
Point to the Employee Induction Checklist (HR24) Available from Personnel Admin or online University Human Resources. Some research groups in the Lab have internal induction checklists
Describe University Training Courses and other opportunities relevant to their role Refer them to PPD website.
Personal development plan and learning log
Inform new post-docs about the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs The Postdoc Centre at Mill Lane offers a range of helpful information and support to postdocs, their partners and families. Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
Explain University Finances and regulations surrounding:
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Purchasing
Always ask the permission of PI before spending money (travel, equipment, etc.).
Details of claiming for expenses can be found at: Expense Claims
Travel should be preauthorised by PI/line manager before expenditure occurs and this should comply with Financial Regulations
Travel Insurance for University travel is free. Be aware of restrictions.
Equipment or purchase of any physical item should normally go through our storekeeper. Storekeeper can give purchasing advice.
Pay Arrangements
Check staff are aware of:
  • Rate of pay (grade and spine point)
  • Time and method of payment
  • Who to refer pay/tax queries
Stated in offer letter. Refer any queries to Departmental Secretary. Salary scales are published on Human Resources website
Pay on 26th of each month into bank account. NB if your start date is after the payroll deadline payment will not be made until 26th of the following month.
Payroll/tax queries should be referred to the University Payroll Office
Alert staff to reward schemes:
  • Research Contribution Increments
  • Contribution Reward Scheme
  • Discuss pay queries with Departmental Secretary
RAs look out for email from Departmental Secretary. Research Increments are available termly, up to 3 increments a year, subject to conditions and funding.
Assistant and Academic Related staff Contribution Reward Scheme is run annually. This operates under a tight budget.
Academic staff should ask Departmental Secretary or HR for other advice.
Pension Scheme Ensure staff know that membership into the pension scheme is automatic and if not wanted they must opt out. They must notify the Pensions Office as soon as possible if opting out as contributions will be automatically deducted.
Queries re Assistant staff Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) and the Academic, Academic Related and Research Staff to Universities and Superannuation Scheme (USS) to the Pensions Office
By the end of the first month/early in the second month.....
General HR information and good practice
Check they are in receipt of University contract and pension information Contract is sent from HR Division (Central Office)
Contract may not arrive for several weeks. Contact Departmental Secretary if not received by end of first month.
Pension information queries to: University Pensions Office
Inform them to notify people of whereabouts Good practice - send message to Notify Absence informs administrators and reception when you are going to be away long/short periods, holidays, conferences etc.
Explain additional pay allowances Overtime is unusual and only for Assistant Staff. It is authorised in some circumstances. Details can be found at: Staff Handbook
Explain probationary period of employment Refer to contract for length of probation and inform them that a series of progress reviews will be arranged at regular intervals by line manager/PI. Important to highlight any concerns to PI or Departmental Secretary.
Explain appraisal process Appraisals take place biennially, but can be requested at any time. The appraiser is a randomly allocated Teaching Officer from the Department, but requests for a change of appraiser can be met. Staff Appraisal Information
Inform them of online University Induction Course and the University Central Induction University Induction Courses
Encourage everyone to complete Equality and Diversity online training Anyone involved in recruitment or management of staff MUST complete Equality and Diversity Training
Encourage everyone to complete Understanding Unconscious/Implicit Bias online Moodle training Understanding Unconscious/Implicit Bias online training
Encourage everyone to complete Prevent Module 1 online Moodle training Prevent online training
Encourage everyone to complete Cyber Security Training Cyber Security Training
Encourage everyone to complete GDPR training GDPR Training
Remind new starters that the University expects all members of the University community to treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration at all times. Highlight Dignity@Work policy Dignity@Work
Dignity@Work Advisors
Dignity@Work training
Mediation Service
Give information on the Breaking the Silence Policy Details on website
Highlight more information about University HR policies Details on website
Give information on the Ethics in Research Policy Details on website
Give information on Research Grants Be aware that grants come with requirements, some examples:
  • EPSRC: open access publication of papers and data, IP owned by University
  • EU: timesheets are required
  • DARPA: per diem rates on travel, possibly publication restrictions, etc.
Discuss queries with the grant PI or Finance Officer.

The HEFCE Open Access Policy requires research articles and conference proceedings to be available through an Institutional Repository to be eligible for the next REF. Further information can be found on the Open Access website

Travel for Research purposes: Discuss the conferences/workshops which are recommended to attend during the duration of the grant. Be aware of any budgeting restrictions that apply. Recipients of The Wiseman Award will also be looked upon favourably when applying for Departmental funds for travel and conferences. The Cambridge Philosophical Society also funds travel for members for conferences. Please contact Lise Gough for the membership application form.
Requests for travel funds can also be made at any time to the Departmental Secretary and awarded at the discretion of the Department.
Copyright in Software The University's IP Policy assigns copyright to the academic creator. This explicitly includes software copyright allowing academics to choose open sourse as a path for dissemination. However, the University's policy is overridden by any agreements that academics make with research sponsors. Increasingly, contracts proposed by commercial sponsors are including software copyright within their definition of intellectual property, therefore, laying claim to such copyright. Agreeing to such terms will compromise open source projects. You should be vigilant in looking at such agreements to make sure that you are not entering them without due consideration.
The IP Policy in Statutes and Ordinances
The University's guidance note on the IP policy
Research Undertaking Letters To overcome an identified contractual loophole (the University is the signatory to any research contract, on behalf of the academic(s) performing the work, but does not actually have the authority to assign IP arising from the project unless the academic assigns the IP to the institution first), the Research Office is now routinely issuing 'Research Undertaking Letters' (RUL) to any PI in receipt of new grant funding. We have identified a number of issues with these as they stand:
  • The letter assumes all intellectual property will be assigned to the sponsor. This is utterly incompatible with open source development (the primary method of exploitation of software coming from the Computer Laboratory). Such letters pollute open source developments, requiring enormous amounts of time and effort to cleanse in due diligence processes, requiring letters from sponsors declaring non-assertion of rights. This is true even if the sponsor was happy about the open soure approarch when the research was sponsored.
  • The letter implies that all intellectual property concerning the project will be assigned, regardless of the contribution of the student or supervisor. The same statement is made regarding background in a complete blanket way.
The Research Office has taken on board the concerns above, and we are in discussion with them and the Legal Office about a more appropriate version that will still close the loophole. In the meantime, the Research Office have agreed that we are exempt from signing RULs - if you receive one, please notify Andrea Kells and she will raise it with the Research Office.
Consultancy Any member of University staff, including PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, can undertake consultancy work. This can be done either in a private capacity, or with the support of Cambridge University Technical Services Ltd (CUTS), a subsidiary of Cambridge Enterprise.
If you choose to use CUTS, they will handle negotiation of terms, contracts, any arrangements for use of University facilities, invoicing, and income distribution. By using CUTS, you are also covered by the University's professional indemnity and personal liability insurance policies, and you can use the University's logo and your departmental affiliation in carrying out the work. CUTS include a management fee in the price of the consultant contract, which is paid by the client organisation.
If you choose to undertake consultancy in a private capacity, you will need to undertake any necessary contractual arrangements etc. yourself, and cannot use your University affiliation on documentation relating to the project.
More information on CUTS can be found here
Inform them about University Child Care Scheme, inc Salary Exchange Scheme Child Care Office
Health and Safety
Encourage to read and do Work place self assessment and VDU guidelines Red book to have/borrow from back of Health and Safety drawer in Reception. Upper limb disorder and VDUs page has details - photocopies from Health and Safety drawer, or Word document on web page and returned to Health and Safety Secretary, Reception or Department Safety Officer. Form to be completed by members of the Department.
Inform them of Occupational Health Service for any health problems Staff can be referred by the Department, after work place assessment or in cases of particular need. Consult Health and Safety Secretary or Department Safety Officer
Encourage to complete Fire Safety Induction online Fire Safety Induction
Explain the Department has a Safety Officer and Committee but there is also a central office responsible for safety University Safety Office