Computer Laboratory

Information for new arrivals

Reception staff – Welcome to the Computer Lab

As a new member of reception staff at the Computer Lab, your introduction to the Computer Lab is a little different. We hope that everything you need will already be set up ready and waiting for you.

However, there will be certain tasks and training that you will need to undertake when you arrive. Most of these should be explained on the Information for reception staff page.

There will be a lot for you to take in, so these pages will hopefully serve as a reminder of the information and training you have been given.

Within these pages you will find a series of links to pages within our Computer Laboratory website. Do take the time to look through these pages, as you will find much of what you need to know about the Lab in here.

You may find these pages of use as they cover pretty much everything you need to know about the Computer Lab:

If in doubt, please don't be afraid to ask a colleague or, if it is a technical question, email the Systems staff.


All members or staff should go through some form of induction with their line-manager soon after they arrive. However, should you arrive at a particularly busy time (beginning of October term, for example), this may not happen as quickly as the department would ordinarily like.

These pages should again help you should your induction be delayed, but you may find reading the Induction crib sheet of use to make sure you know what you should be finding out.

As previously mentioned, everything on that sheet should be available for you to find in these webpages. (If you have trouble finding any information, please email the pagemaster, who will either point you in the right direction or ensure the missing information is added to the department's website.

Please also ensure that you have a Work Place Assessment soon after you start. Ask your line-manager for more information.

Please ensure you have read the health and safety pages, especially, so you know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Your office

You should have an access card and key allocated to you when you arrive. These will give you access to restricted areas in the Lab and the reception office.

You will not be allocated a specific PC but will share the ones in the office with your other reception colleagues.

You should be able to log into each machine and see identical desktops as your profile roams between machines.

The computer and phones are connected via sockets in floor boxes.
Should you need anything changed in this area, please DO NOT do this yourself.
Instead, please contact the Systems Staff who will manage the changes for you.

CRSID and lab accounts

You will be allocated a university unique identifier, called a CRSID.
(If you already had one of these through previous associations with the University, then it should not have changed).

The CRSID is the login name for your computer, made up of your initials and a series of numbers, such as:

[Javascript required]

You will also be allocated a lab account. This will be identical to your CRSID, but will give you the relevant permissions required to access servers in the lab.


Many web-based services provided by the University, such as Hermes email, use an authentication system called Raven - which is based on the CRSID.

Most of our web pages are not protected by Raven, but you will need to get one of these accounts for access to the Ticketing System and the Computing Service training pages.


Printers should already be set up for you, but if not you will need to find out where your nearest printers are and what they are called (they are usually labelled). At time of writing, there was a color printer in Reception, and a black and white printer in Reprographics (GC18).

You will most probably be using a Windows PC, so see Windows Printing (there are currently some problems if you are using Vista, check the status with Systems Staff)

You may find the Common Printing Problems page of help should you experience any problems.

Again, if you have any queries, please contact the Systems staff.


Email should have been set up for you and you should receive email not only to your own personal email address, but to the reception address: [Javascript required]

If you find you are not receiving your email as expected, please ask a member of the system staff to help you. They can be found in GC corridor and they are listed as Computer Officer in this photo gallery.

If in doubt, don't be afraid to ask for help from anyone in an office to you.


You will not have your own designated phone but will share phones with your reception colleagues.

For a full list of staff and student telephone extensions, visit the People page.

You need to dial 9 to get an outside line.