Department of Computer Science and Technology


During the coronavirus outbreak, the computer Laboratory library is regrettably closed. The resources on this page are intended to summarise the services available at this time. Unfortunately without access to the library collections there are limits to the service we can offer at this time. If you have any queries then please contact the librarian or try one of the resources below:

Click and collect service

The University Library has now lauched a service enabling users to request up to five books from the physical collection and then to make an appointment to collect them from the entrance hall of the University Library. This service is still under development and at present is aimed mainly at PhD students. Some information on how the service will work is now available. We regret that it is not yet possible for departmental libraries to provide a similar service.

Scan and deliver service

A similar service to provide access to journal articles has also been launched by the University Library. The service allows users to request a scan of a book chapter or journal article for personal use, subject to copyright restrictions. Information about the service is available including a link to the request form.

Additional electronic resources

Recommending resources

Specific computer science resources

The following titles from the reading list have been made available as electronic books at this time. This list is probably not exhaustive, and contains only those that I definitely know about. You should additionally check one of the A-Z lists above, while some titles are also freely available from one of our resource lists.

Poole, D. L. & Mackworth, A. K.Artificial intelligence: foundations of computational agentsCambridge University Press9781107195394
Arora, S. & Barak, B.Computational complexity: a modern approach.Cambridge University Press.9780521424264
Hennessy, J. & Patterson, D.Computer architecture: a quantitative approach.Elsevier9780123838728
Boreskov, A. & Shikin, E.Computer graphics: from pixels to programmable graphics hardwareCRC Press9781439867303
Peterson, L.L. & Davie, B.S.Computer networks: a systems approachMorgan Kaufmann9780123850591
Goodfellow, I., Bengio, Y. & Courville, A.Deep learning.MIT Press.9780262035613
Harris, D.M. & Harris, S.L.Digital design and computer architecture.Morgan Kaufmann9780123944245
Marschner, S. & Shirley, P.Fundamentals of computer graphics.Peters9781482229394
Preece, J., Rogers, Y. & Sharp, H.Interaction design.Wiley9781119020752
Silberschatz, A., Peterson, J.L. & Galvin, P.C.Operating systems conceptsWiley9781118093757
Lemahieu, W., Broucke S. van den & Baesens, B.Principles of database managementCambridge University Press9781107186125
Herlihy, M. & Sahvit, N.The art of multiprocessor programming.Morgan Kaufmann9780123705914