A Workshop Celebrating the Career of
Department of Computer Science and Technology
University of Cambridge, UK
22-23 August 2023

UPDATE: Registration is now closed. If you would like to come but have not registered, please email jamie.vicary@cl.cam.ac.uk.

Andrew Pitts is Professor of Theoretical Computer Science in the University of Cambridge, having joined the Computer Laboratory as a Lecturer in 1989. He holds a PhD in Mathematics, also from Cambridge, and is a Fellow of Darwin College. His early research interests were in applications of category theory in logic and mathematical foundations; from around 1985 onwards these turned to applications in the semantics of programming languages. His work in theoretical computer science has ranged over category theory, constructive logic, type theory, programming language semantics, and the design and implementation of metaprogramming languages. Prof. Pitts is an ACM Fellow and a recipient of the Alonzo Church Award for Outstanding Contributions to Logic and Computation.

Through his career Andy has supervised twelve doctoral students, published research with dozens of collaborators, and inspired many more with his gentle and persuasive instruction. Always generous with fresh ideas, his far-sighted intuition and enthusiasm has guided the community in innovative research for over four decades. A longer biography is available here.

We are delighted to invite the community to participate in this workshop as a celebration of Andy's research and long career, with talks to be given by many of his students, colleagues and collaborators. All are welcome to attend, and we ask that participants register using the form below.


The lectures will take place in Lecture Theatre 1 of the Computer Laboratory.

Time Tuesday 22 August Wednesday 23 August
09:30–10:00 Bas Spitters, "SSProve: A foundational framework for modular cryptographic proofs in Coq" Nick Benton, "The soundness of 'Sound Dynamic' in Hack"
10:00–10:30 Glynn Winskel, "The Scott order in games" Paul Taylor, "Ordinals as coalgebras"
10:30–11:00 Martin Hyland, "A glimpse of synthetic recursion theory" Peter Dybjer, "Towards uniform categorical logic"
11:00–11:30 BREAK BREAK
11:30–12:00 Jamie Gabbay, "Semitopologies and semiframes for distributed heterogeneous consensus" Peter Johnstone, "Where did triposes come from?"
12:00–12:30 Larry Paulson, "Lessons learnt from formalising a number theory textbook" Peter Sewell, "Languages for semantics: some under-explored paths"
12:30–13:00 Lars Birkedal, "Iris: higher-order concurrent separation logic" Ranald Clouston, "Modal dependent type theory and dependent right adjoints"
13:00–13:30 LUNCH LUNCH
14:00–14:30 Marcelo Fiore, "Fixpoints" Rasmus Mogelberg, "A model of clocked cubical type theory"
14:30–15:00 Maribel Fernandez, "Nominal matching logic" Roy Crole, "A frog, a mug, gluing, and logical relations"
15:00–15:30 Mark Shinwell, "Flambda 2: a new optimizer for OCaml" Sam Steenkamp, "Quotient W-types"
15:30–16:00 BREAK Samson Abramsky, "Contextuality in logical form"
16:00–16:30 Matt Lakin, "Declarative programming languages for molecular computing" Afternoon reception, Department of Computer Science and Technology
16:30–17:00 Matthew Parkinson, "When concurrency matters: behaviour oriented concurrency"
17:00–17:30 Michael Fourman, "Brouwer's points and spaces"
EVENING Celebration banquet, Churchill College.
Please purchase a ticket via the registration form.

Financial support

Thanks to generous sponsorship we have some financial support available, to cover the cost of the banquet for participants without other sources of funding. If you would like to apply for this, please email jamie.vicary@cl.cam.ac.uk with subject line "PITTSPOSIUM FINANCIAL SUPPORT", with a brief message explaining your interest in the workshop, and your reason for requiring financial support. You will receive a response within 1 week. If your financial support application is successful, you will be given a code to access the financial support category of the registration page, which allows you to register with a banquet ticket for no charge. Financial support can only cover the cost of registration and the banquet, we cannot cover other costs such as travel or accommodation.


Registration is now closed. If you would like to come but have not registered, please email jamie.vicary@cl.cam.ac.uk.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please register. Ordinary registration is £10, with the banquet an additional option costing £90. If you buy a banquet registration, a single receipt can be provided that shows £100 for the full event; send an email to Jamie Vicary if you require such a receipt. When you register, please choose the correct category:

Here is the link to the registration page.

If you would like to bring a guest to the banquet, please complete the registration separately for the guest.

Social events

On Monday evening there will be an informal gathering from 7pm at The Eagle pub on Bene't Street in central Cambridge.

On Tuesday evening there will be a celebration banquet at Churchill College. If you would like to attend, please purchase a ticket via the registration form.

On Wednesday afternoon there will be a reception in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, open to all registered participants, as well as members of the Computer Laboratory. The reception is generously supported by the Department.

Local information

The workshop will be held in the Computer Laboratory, JJ Thomson Avenue, on the West Cambridge site, about 1 mile west of the city centre. The walking time from central Cambridge is about 30 minutes.

To find and book accommodation in Cambridge, you can try the following sites. Our recommendation would be to use universityrooms.com to book a room in Churchill College, which is well-located for both the workshop and the city centre.