Open house

Conference Organisers
HCI 2009 was hosted by Cambridge University and Microsoft Research Cambridge.
General chairs were Alan Blackwell (CU) and Ken Wood (MSRC)
Contact address: hci2009-chairs@cl.cam.ac.uk

Keynote Speakers
Keynote speakers were Bill Buxton (Microsoft Research) and Tony Dunne (Royal College of Art).

Advisory Council

  • Jonathan Grudin (Microsoft Research)
  • Ben Shneiderman (University of Maryland)
  • John Carroll (Penn State University)
  • Paul Dourish (University of California, Irvine)
  • Andy Cockburn (Canterbury University, New Zealand)
  • David Gilmore (Logitech)
  • Wendy Mackay (INRIA)
  • Lucy Suchman (University of Lancaster)

Programme Committee - Technical Co-Chairs

Economic and social benefits

  • m c schraefel (University of Southampton)
  • Matt Jones (University of Wales, Swansea)

Interactive technology

  • Per Ola Kristensson (University of Cambridge)
  • Hans Gellersen (University of Lancaster)
  • Roderick Murray-Smith (University of Glasgow)

Theory for HCI

  • Barry Brown (University of California San Diego)
  • Nigel Shadbolt (University of Southampton)
  • Yvonne Rogers (Open University)

Tools and methods

  • William Newman (University College London)
  • Rachel Jones (Instrata Ltd)

User engagement

  • David Frohlich (University of Surrey)
  • Alex Taylor (Microsoft Research)

New contribution areas

  • Mark Blythe (University of York)
  • Sally Jane Norman (Newcastle University)
  • Gilbert Cockton (Sunderland University)

Programme Committee - Programme co-chairs

Doctoral Consortium
Contact address: hci2009-doctoral-consortium@cl.cam.ac.uk

  • Kristina Höök (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)
  • Andrew Monk (University of York)

Panels and debate
Contact address: hci2009-panel-debate@cl.cam.ac.uk

  • Alan Dix (University of Lancaster)
  • Ann Light (Sheffield Hallam University)

Contact address: hci2009-workshops@cl.cam.ac.uk

  • Peter Wild (University of Cambridge)
  • Leon Watts (University of Bath)

Contact address: hci2009-tutorials@cl.cam.ac.uk

  • Sally Fincher (University of Kent)
  • Allan MacLean (Amdeo Ltd)


  • Abigail Sellen (Microsoft Research)
  • Elizabeth Churchill (Yahoo)
  • Satinder Gill (University of Cambridge)

Open House Festival
Contact address: hci2009-open-house@cl.cam.ac.uk

  • Steve Hodges (Microsoft Research)
  • Tim Regan (Microsoft Research)
  • Alex Butler (Microsoft Research)

Encounter sessions

  • Marian Petre (Open University)
  • Stephen Brewster (University of Glasgow)

Programme coordination

  • Richard Harper (Microsoft Research)
  • Peter Robinson (University of Cambridge)

Student volunteers
Contact address: hci2009-student-volunteers@cl.cam.ac.uk

  • Siân Lindley (Microsoft Research)
  • Luke Church (University of Cambridge)

Reviewing management

  • Andy Dearden (Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Chris Roast (Sheffield Hallam University)

International excellence awards
Contact address: hci2009-international-excellence@cl.cam.ac.uk

  • Rose Luckin (Institute of Education)
  • Ann Blandford (University College London)

BCS liaison
Contact address: hci2009-bcs-liaison@cl.cam.ac.uk

  • Russell Beale (University of Birmingham)
  • Dianne Murray (Interacting with Computers)
  • Tom McEwan (Napier University)
  • Janet Read (University of Central Lancashire)
  • Lachlan MacKinnon (Abertay)