Critical Dialogue:
Interaction, Experience and Cultural Theory

Workshop on April 10 2010, in association with
ACM CHI 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia

Organised by Mark Blythe, John McCarthy, Ann Light, Shaowen Bardzell, Peter Wright, Jeffrey Bardzell, and Alan Blackwell

Workshop Summary

Over the last decade there has been a significant growth in interest in aspects of people's experience with technologies under headings such as user experience, aesthetics, affect, fun, reflection, and enjoyment. In more recent years critical theory has begun to make a small but important impact at CHI conferences and other HCI publications. It is arguable that a relationship between critical theory and experience would benefit HCI research and practice as it has benefited other areas of research in the humanities and social sciences. However, in the history of ideas experience and critical theory have not always made good bedfellows, sometimes complementing each other, sometimes resisting each other. This workshop will explore the ways in which HCI might benefit from a constructive dialogue between critical theory and experience in questions of design and evaluation.

We are particularly interested in the following kinds of question:

Accepted Position Papers


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