No ghost, Just a shell Annlee
Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huyghe
Institute of Visual Culture
10 D St Edward’s Passage
CB2 3PJ Cambridge
31 March - 13 May 2001
Tuesday to Sunday 12 noon - 6pm
Private View for CODE Parcipants
4 April 2001 8pm - 9pm

Episode I: Anywhere out of the world
An international project initiated by the French artists Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huyghe. Parreno and Huyghe purchased the copyright of a Japanese Manga figure, Annlee. Manga is a Japanese industry specialising in the production of animated cartoons as well as comic books. By purchasing the copyright of one of the ‘cheap Manga figures’ Parreno and Huyghe have saved ‘Annlee’ from an industry which sooner or later would condemn her to death. They now offer artists the opportunity to manipulate Annlee ...

‘Work with her, in a real story, translate her capabilities into psychological traits, lend her a character, a text, a denunciation, and address to the Court a trial in her defence... Do all that you can so that this character lives different stories and experiences. So that she can act as a sign, as a live logo. The film is a one-sequence shot, and the character, well, she will introduce herself...’

Philippe Parreno