11Th June

9am: Opening: Pietro Lio, Jon Crowcroft, and Tom McCutcheon

9:15am: Morning session - Self-Organisation in Living Systems

Dr. Jim Haselhoff (CAMBRIDGE)

Prof. Raymond Goldstein (CAMBRIDGE)

Adaptive Flagellar Dynamics and the Fidelity of Multicellular Phototaxis

Prof. Peter Grassberger (JÜLICH )

Applications of Mutual Information: From Independent Component Analysis to Sequence Alignment

10:45am: Coffee break

11 am:

Dr. Máté Lengyel (CAMBRIDGE)

Self-orgnisation with a purpose: how the brain develops internal models of the world?

Prof. Charlotte K Hemelrijk (GRONINGEN)

The self-organisation of flocks of starlings: a model

Dr. Andrea Perna (NANTES)

Optimal insect networks. Or not

Prof. Danuta Makowiec (GDANSK UNIVERSITY)

Modeling of intercellular connections in the sinoatrial node

1 pm: Lunch and poster/demo session

2:30pm: Afternoon session - Self-Organisation in Artificial Systems


About Swarm Intelligence and Swarm-bots

Prof. Mario Gerla (UCLA)

Phero-Trail: a Bio-inspired approach to  Mobile Underwater Sensing

Prof. Marco Cosentino-lagomarsino

A basic model-system approach to cooperative biological fluid pumping

4 pm: Coffee break


Prof. Andreas Deutsch (TU-DRESDEN)

Analyzing emergent behaviour in interacting cell systems with cellular

automaton models

Dr. Jean-Christophe Zufferey (EPFL) /Sabine Hauert

Dr. Thorsten Strufe (TU Darmstadt)

12th June

9am: Morning session

Prof. Jon Timmis (YORK)

Understanding the Immune System for Computation: The Role of Immuno-engineering

Prof. Giuseppe Nicosia (CATANIA)

Dr. Falko Dressler (ERLANGEN)

Feedback-based self-organized event detection in sensor networks

Dr. Nick Watkins (British Antarctic Survey)

Links between novel communications and foraging?

10:45am: Coffee break


Prof. Paolo Arena (CATANIA)

Dr. Prithwish Basu (BBN TECHNOLOGIES)

Prof. Anna Lawniczak  (GUELPH)

Detection & Monitoring via Entropy of Macroscopic Effects of Anomalous Packet Traffic

12:30pm: Lunch and poster/demo session


Prof. Tom Ziemke (SKOVDE)

Prof. Bruno Di Stefano (TORONTO)

Agent-Based Model of Highway Traffic: Heuristics & Formal Rules

Dr. Dinesh Verma/Vasileios Pappas (IBM US)

Dr. Charu Aggarwal (IBM US)