How to avoid typing passwords when editing HOL on SourceForge

When logged into S/F, go to Account Maintenance (see the left
"toolbar" for the link).  Then at the bottom of this page there should
be a "Shell Account Information" section, where it talks about CVS/SSH
Shared Authoried Keys.  Click on the [Edit Keys] link.  Then, you'll
be presented with a box into which you can paste your "public

In ~/.ssh/, you should have one or more lines roughly of
the form 

1024 35 <many digits> <e-mail address>

The e-mail addresses seem to be machine specific, suggesting that you
may need one key per machine you work on.  If you don't have such a
file, then run ssh-keygen or ssh-keygen1 to generate one. 

Paste the relevant lines into the box, and submit the change.  

Soon afterwards, you should be able to work without needing to issue
your password all the time.

[From a message from Michael Norrish to Mike Gordon]