Introduction to Functional Programming (1995/96)

Introduction to Functional Programming (1995/96)

Mike Gordon

Computer Science Tripos, Part II (General) and Diploma in Computer Science
Twelve lectures beginning on Friday January 19, 1996
Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 12am in the Heycock Lecture Room

Practice. Introduction to ML: basic types, functions, polymorphism, recursion, equality types, structured types, pattern matching, exceptions. datatypes, abstract types, references and iteration.
Theory. Introduction to the lambda-calculus: syntax and informal semantics, conversion rules, representation of numbers and data-structures, combinators and combinator-reduction as an implementation technique.
Case studies. Lexical analysis, parsing, representing the lambda-calculus, the SECD machine (maybe others, if time permits).

Assessed Exercise for Part II (General) candidates [54K JPEG image].

Lecture notes for this course (104 pages of compressed postscript)
ML examples from the Lecture notes

Lecture notes for Larry Paulson's course on Foundations of Functional Programming.

Lecture 1 (19 January, 1996)
Lecture 2 (22 January, 1996)
Lecture 3 (24 January, 1996)
Lecture 4 (26 January, 1996)
Lecture 5 (29 January, 1996)
Lecture 6 (31 January, 1996)
Lecture 7 (2 February, 1996)
Lecture 8 (5 February, 1996)
Lecture 9 (7 February, 1996)
Lecture 10 (9 February, 1996)
Lecture 11 (12 February, 1996)
Lecture 12 (14 February, 1996)

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Web page for 1997 course taught by John Harrison

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