The a2x and DragonDictate / Speech Recognition FAQs

The a2x and DragonDictate / Speech Recognition FAQs

The DragonDictate / Speech Recognition FAQ

This FAQ tries to answer common questions regarding DragonDictate and other speech recognition technology for general dictation/workstation control. DragonDictate is a speech recognition system which runs on a PC. It is a discrete utterance system, which means that you have to pause between words. It runs under DOS or windows. DragonDictate has a large English vocabulary, and also allows the definition of macros, which are basically sounds with which are associated sets of keystrokes. DragonDictate can be used to control a wide range of applications and to dictate English (or American :-) text.

The a2x FAQ

This FAQ contains distilled pearls of wisdom about a2x, a piece of public domain software designed to interface the DragonDictate speech recognition system on a PC to a workstation running the X window system, and control the workstation's graphical display and applications.

Currently maintained by Simon Crosby entirely by voice, using DragonDictate and a2x.

Both FAQ pages are available by anonymous ftp from:, the login is "anonymous", and the files are in the directory a2x-voice. In URL terms this is /ftp/a2x-voice/ Also on the ftp site are the macro collections submitted by various a2x users for controlling a wide range of applications.

Please note that the text versions of the FAQ pages will change less frequently than the html versions, probably monthly.