Computer Laboratory


Supervision #1:

  1. 2014 Paper 7 Question 8:(a)-(b)
  2. Evaluation Exercise

Supervision #2:

  1. 2014 Paper 7 Question 8:(c)-(e)
  2. 2011 Paper 7 Question 7
  3. PartII project discussion


(1) Please submit your solutions by midnight *TWO* days before the supervision. E.g. if the supervision is on Thursday, hand in the assignment no later than midnight on Tuesday.

(2) You can send me the solutions as PDF by e-mail, or drop the paper version addressed to me in the supervision letterbox at Student Admin and notify me by e-mail.

(3) You are expected to answer all questions of the assignment. Write the answer in essay style instead of brief bullet points. State your answer to each question in one or two sentences, and then explain your arguments in detail.Please leave plenty of whitespace below *each* answer for me to comment on.