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Yimai @ EACL 2014
Gothenburg, Sweden

Fang, Yimai

I am a PhD student in the Natural Language and Information Processing (NLIP) group at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. As a first year student, I am currently exploring my research interest, somewhere around coreference resolution. In particular, I am interested in cases when different composed expressions refer to the same underlying entity. My supervisor is Dr. Simone Teufel.

I received my bachelor's degree in computer science at The University of Hong Kong, with first class honours. Before starting the PhD, I completed the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science here at Cambridge. My work on summarisation stems from my MPhil project, and it leads me towards many NLP problems that are fundamental to an explanatory summarisation model.


  • A Summariser based on Human Memory Limitations and Lexical Competition [bib] [pdf]
    Yimai Fang and Simone Teufel (2014)
    Proceedings of the 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, pp. 732 - 741.


University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
15 JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge CB3 0FD, United Kingdom
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