Wenduan Xu 许文端
Computer Laboratory
15 JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge, CB3 0FD

Structured Learning with Inexact Search: Advances in Shift-Reduce CCG Parsing
Thesis pdf slides

LSTM Shift-Reduce CCG Parsing
Wenduan Xu
In EMNLP 2016 pdf code

Expected F-measure Training for Shift-Reduce Parsing with Recurrent Neural Networks
Wenduan Xu, Michael Auli, and Stephen Clark
In NAACL 2016 pdf slides code

Don’t Interrupt Me While I Type: Inferring Text Entered Through Gesture Typing on Android Keyboards
Laurent Simon, Wenduan Xu, and Ross Anderson
In PETS 2016 pdf blog
Andreas Pfitzmann Best Student Paper runner-up

CCG Supertagging with a Recurrent Neural Network
Wenduan Xu, Michael Auli, and Stephen Clark
In ACL 2015 (short paper) pdf slides code

Shift-Reduce CCG Parsing with a Dependency Model
Wenduan Xu, Stephen Clark, and Yue Zhang
In ACL 2014 pdf errata slides code

Learning to Prune: Context-Sensitive Pruning for Syntactic MT
Wenduan Xu, Yue Zhang, Philip Williams, and Philipp Koehn
In ACL 2013 (short paper) pdf poster code

Extending Hiero Decoding in Moses with Cube Growing
Wenduan Xu and Philipp Koehn
PBML pdf
(Presented at the 7th MT Marathon 2012.)