Toby Moncaster

Toby Moncaster (PhD Student)


Research Interests



I am a first year PhD student in the Computer Laboratory working with Jon Crowcroft and Andrew Moore. My research is concentrating on data centre networking with a particular emphasis on trying to improve energy efficiency. Toby Moncaster

Brief Biography

Before joining the Computer Laboratory I worked for BT Research for nearly 5 years, ending up as a Senior Researcher. My work concentrated on the areas of congestion exposure, pre-congestion notification and congestion control. I have worked extensively with the IETF, mainly in the Transport Area. I have 3 RFCs relating to pre-congestion notification encoding. For more detials and a CV see my biography page.

Latest news

I have just had two new RFCs published:

  • RFC6627 Overview of Pre-Congestion Notification Encoding. This document provides an overview and historic record of the process we went through when choosing the IPv4 wire encoding for PCN.
  • RFC6660 Encoding 3PCN states with a single DSCP. This standards-track document describes the IPv4 wire encoding for PCN.


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Phone +44 1223 763654