Slides Viewer for an LCD Projection Panel

Simon Moore

Title			: Slides Viewer for an LCD Projection Panel
Originator		: Simon Moore
Special Resources	: none


The laboratory now has an LCD projection panel for electronic display of slides. It offers a resolution of 640x480 with medium contrast and a small range of colours. This can be neatly combined with a portable computer for the roving lecturer. To make best use of the LCD display a careful choice of neatly rendered fonts is required. Colour also needs to be wisely chosen, particularly since many portables only offer a 4~bit deep display. Slides could be generated in LaTeX and displayed with ghostview. Unfortunately ghostview makes a poor job of rendering postscript fonts when only a limited number of pixels are available. Alternatively, slides could be prepared in HTML and displayed with netscape. Alas netscape only works with mono or 8~bits per pixel displays. Furthermore, a complex distributed hypertext environment is not required. None the less, HTML has the attraction that material could easily be supplied via the web for later perusal.

Notes on Requirements

Some Extensions

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