Simon's Student Projects for 1999/2000


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  Composite 3D Digital Terrain Map Projects
This project has proved to be very popular and I am no longer able to suggest suitable project supervisors (Simon Moore, 1-Nov-1999)


I have a collection of Digital Terrain Map (DTM) data together with satellite images of the same areas (courtesy of Geo Strategies).  The DTM data is simply a height map - a grid of (x,y,z) coordinates.  The satellite images are 2D bit maps.


Example 3D DTM

Example 3D DTM + false colour satellite image

Example 3D DTM

Example 3D DTM - click on image for movie (caution - large - 5M)

  Project 1

Develop a Java applet and associated server to allow 3D DTMs to be viewed over the web.  It would be nice if the user could fly through the scene, though some other viewing metaphor might be more appropriate.  Recently released Java 3D libraries could be used to help render the scene.  However, care will have to be taken to reduce the level of detail of distant objects in order to reduce the amount of data required.

  Project 2

Develop a tool to render composite 3D images based on DTM, 2D cartographic and satellite image data.  Unlike project 1, the primary aim of this project is to produce very high quality images almost regardless of the processing requirements.
  Hardware/Software Codesign Projects


I am currently developing new ECAD & Architecture Labs based around new hardware: an FPGA board from Altera + an ARM AEB board.  There will also be a new suit of Windows NT software.  The boards will replace the existing teaching cards.  New I/O interfaces include video output and mouse input controlled by the FPGA (i.e. you have to design the device).  Some of the new boards and the old boards will be available for Tripos projects.  

  Project 1

Design an application specific microcontroller and associated application, e.g. for high speed/low cost cryptography for smart cards.

  Project 2

USB or RS232 frame store (could be driven via VNC)


Or anything else you can think of.  Perhaps you've some Mindstorm Lego which you'd like to interface to.....
  Miscellaneous Information

  Past Projects

Project suggestions from 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998,


A quick start guide to producing your project using LaTeX

Simon Moore, June 1999