Computer Laboratory


Research Interests

I have a broad interest in social networks, human mobility and in related mobile and distributed systems, but also on the broader investigation of complex networks models in computer science problems. In the past I have also been interested in computer vision and image processing.

More specifically, my research interests are in the following areas:

  • Structure and dynamics of location-based social networks
  • Geographic properties of social networks
  • Enhancing large-scale systems with social information
  • Human mobility modeling and prediction
  • Application of complex networks models to distributed computer systems
  • Urban data-mining and network-based city analysis

Personal Interests

I really love travelling and meeting new people. I also like tasting different cuisines, although I prefer Italian one and particularly Sicilian cuisine.

I enjoy online social networks and I try to use them to stay in touch with friends and keep me updated on news and research results. I enjoy using Twitter, where you can follow my updates and I'm active on Google Plus. I really love listening to music, but I can not play any instruments, even though I would like to. This is my LastFM profile, where you can see what I like (mainly alternative and obscure music). I have also a LinkedIn profile.