Steven Herbert.


I am originally from Bristol, and after 14 years of state school education, and a much needed gap year (doing a year in industry), I went up to Cambridge in October 2006, and have been there ever since... Initially as an undergraduate at Churchill College, reading for a degree in Engineering- I chose to specialise in signal processing, working on queuing theory for packet routing in the Tor project for my MEng. I was offered a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Ian Wassell, in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (CL), and took the opportunity to become a member of another Cambridge College, enrolling at Darwin College in 2010.

Current Research:

My PhD is an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) CASE award from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL)- with supervisor Dr. Tian Hong Loh. I am researching Wireless Communications in Vehicle Cavities, and I split my time between the CL and the NPL. Details of my research and publications are found on my group webpage. I have also posted a copy of my CV online, note that this follows a standard order and priority for an academic CV, however if you have an alternative position which you think may interest me then please do contact me for further information. References are also available upon request.