Past exam questions still relevant to the course

A short historical note...

There is usually some degree of confusion as to precisely which past exam questions are relevant to this course. Allow me to explain. Prior to 2002 this course was essentially a Prolog programming course, and much of what it now contains was deferred to AI2. The syllabuses changed when I took over the courses in 2002. Consequently, many of the exam questions prior to 2002 are not relevant, although some of those for AI2 (which at the time was just called Artificial Intelligence) are. The past exam questions mentioned in what follows are the ones that remain relevant to AI1. Some of the older ones may mention subjects not at present in the syllabus. Those items can safely be ignored.

For 2016 I updated the course again. In the process, AI1 gained some material that previously was part of AI2. That is why some recent AI2 questions now appear in this list.

Introduction and Agents

There are no past exam questions that continue to be relevant to this part of the course. You might at a stretch count the following.



Constraint satisfaction problems

Knowledge representation and reasoning



Also, note that 2005, paper 4, question 4 is specifically no longer relevant. It covers material no longer in the syllabus.