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Simon Baker

I am a PhD student at the Computer Laboratory in the Natural Language and Information Processing (NLIP) group, and also a member of the Language Technology Lab (LTL).

I am supervised by Dr Anna Korhonen. My current research focus is on building adaptive semantic classifiers, with applications in text mining, and automatic Literature-based Discovery (LBD). I mostly work with Biomedical text.

Before joining the Computer Laboratory, my research (and publications) focused on Sofware Engineering, and prior to that, on Human Computer Interaction.

I am a member of Trinity Hall, and an alumnus of Wolfson College.

Alma Mater

  • 2013  University of Cambridge - MPhil (Advanced Computer Science) with Distinction
  • 2009  University of Auckland - MSc (Computer Science) with First Class Honours
  • 2007  University of Auckland - BE (Software Engineering) with First Class Honours


I maintain a Google Scholar profile and a ResearchGate profile, which list my publications.


  • Part 1A: Object Oriented Programming
  • Part 1B: Software Engineering
  • Part 1B: Further Java
  • Part II: Research (3rd year) projects
  • 3F6: Software Engineering and Design (Department of Engineering)

In my previous university, I have tutored (and marked) the following courses:

  • 2nd year Software Engineering
  • 3rd year Information Systems (Advanced databases)
  • 4th year Software Engineering (Formal methods)


I have several years of full-time technology consulting experience (much of it as an IBM consultant), working in a variety of sectors with several high profile clients. This includes the Australian Government, Air New Zealand, Energy Australia (now Ausgrid), and several other major organisations.

I'm always interested in providing consulting advice in several areas of technology when I have the time. I do so on pro-bono basis as part of the Cambridge Consulting Network and indepdently. Contact me for further information.

Contact Details

Phone (landline): (+44) 1223 7-63729
Post: University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory - William Gates Building,
15 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge
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