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[TXT]"Ports Look Outward," Feature Article, May 2005.html2007-07-08 15:37 26K 
[TXT]Credit cards with radio tags speed purchases but track customers, too - The Boston Globe.html2007-07-08 15:37 31K 
[TXT]Wired 14.05- The RFID Hacking Underground.html2007-07-08 15:37 31K 
[TXT]Why Pharma's Tamper-Evident Packaging Strategies Don't Work | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.html2007-07-08 15:37 46K 
[TXT]A Hacker's Guide To RFID - 15:37 49K 
[TXT]Digital dog tag already cloned - 15:37 66K 
[TXT] - Cellphone could crack RFID tags, says cryptographer.html2007-07-08 15:37 67K 

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