-- This Agda code is designed to accompany the paper "Axioms for
-- Modelling Cubical Type Theory in a Topos". It is currently a work
-- in progress and still includes postulates/holes in certain places.
-- It also needs some tidying up and possibily reorganisation.
-- The idea for getting an impredicative universe of propositions Ω
-- comes from Martin Escardo, more details can be found at:
--          http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~mhe/impredicativity/          

{-# OPTIONS --type-in-type #-}
-- the following definition relies on type-in-type,
-- which is switched on only in this module

module impredicative.prop where

open import prelude

record Ω : Set where
  constructor prop
    prf : Set
    equ : (u v : prf)  u  v

open Ω public

eq : (P : Ω){u v : prf P}  u  v
eq P {u} {v} = equ P u v