Rebecca Watson

BCM(Hons) (UWA), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge)

Based in Perth, Australia

email: rfw at domain

Research Interests

  • Parse Selection
  • Machine Learning
  • IR systems

Projects and Papers

  • PhD Thesis (2007) - Optimising the speed and accuracy of a Statistical GLR Parser (pdf)
  • Watson, R. & Briscoe, E.J. Adapting the RASP system for the CoNLL07 domain adaptation task. In Proceedings of the CoNLL Shared Task Session of EMNLP-CoNLL 2007, 11701174, Prague, Czech Republic. (pdf)
  • Watson, R., Briscoe, E.J. & Carroll, J. Semi-supervised training of a statistical parser from unlabeled partially-bracketed data. Proc of the 10th International Workshop on Parsing Technologies, 2332, Prague, Czech Republic, 2007. (pdf)
  • Briscoe, E.J., Carroll, J. & Watson, R. (2006). The second release of the RASP system. In Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Computational Linguistics and 44th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics Interactive Presentation Sessions, 7780, Sydney, Australia. (pdf)
  • Watson, R., Part-of-speech Tagging Models for Parsing, Proc of CLUK 2006. (pdf)
  • Watson, R., Carroll, J. & Briscoe, E.J., Efficient Extraction of Grammatical Relations, Proc of 9th International Workshop on Parsing Technologies, 2005. (pdf)
  • Watson, R., Preiss, J. & Briscoe, E.J., The Contribution of Domain-independent Robust Pronominal Anaphora Resolution to Open-Domain Question-Answering, Proc of Int. Symposium on Reference Resolution and its Application to Question-Answering and Summarisation, 2003.(pdf)
  • Masters Thesis (2003) - Using hybrid static/dynamic grammars to minimise redundancy in Name and Address Recognition (pdf)
  • Honours Thesis (2001) - SVM prediction of MHC-peptide binding (pdf)

Current Stuff

  • Currently working with iLexIR developing a scientific text mining system by converting PDF papers to SciXML, parsing them with RASP, and then indexing them with Lucene, building on the FlySlip project