I had a most unpleasant time coaxing TeX to work with the postscript fonts on my computer. While all the necessary information is in principle contained in several excellent references on TeX, LaTeX, and dvips, these tended toward such exhaustive elucidations of the relevent commands and tools that I had trouble extracting what I wanted: the simple understanding necessary to get my TeX installation working with my fonts. These web pages are my attempt at making the lives of those who wish to trod this rewarding path after me less frustrating.

Table of Contents
BACKGROUND An introduction to the handling
of fonts in a TeX system
LaTeX FONT COMMANDS Using the NFSS to set up families
of fonts
OBTAINING TFM FILES How to convert metric files for
postscript fonts into TeX's format
CONFIGURING DVI INTREPRETERS Telling dvips where to find glyph
VIRTUAL FONTS How to edit virtual property list
files to produce richer fonts
OVERVIEW A summary of what you have done

Consulting Available

If you would like assistance setting up your TeX installation to work with your fonts -- or your layout specifications, or your automatically generated reports, or your people... -- I offer TeX consulting and support services for negotiable fees. Please contact me at the address below.

David Wright ichbin@physik.unizh.ch
Last update 9 November 1998