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Petar Veličković

Hello, and welcome to my page!

I am currently working as a Research Assistant in Computational Biology within the Artificial Intelligence Group of the Computer Laboratory, where I am working on developing machine learning algorithms on complex networks, and their applications to bioinformatics.

Apart from that I'm also a PhD student within the group, supervised by Dr Pietro Liò and affiliated with Trinity College.

I hold a BA degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, having completed the Computer Science Tripos in 2015.


Veličković, P. and Liò, P. (2016) muxstep: an open-source C++ multiplex HMM library for making inferences on multiple data types. Bioinformatics, doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btw196

Veličković, P. and Liò, P. (2015) Molecular multiplex network inference using Gaussian mixture hidden Markov models. Journal of Complex Networks, doi:10.1093/comnet/cnv029


muxstep: an open-sourced generalised C++ library implementation of the Multiplex (GM)HMM model proposed in previous research, designed to be immediately useful out-of-the-box as well as easily extendable for specific user needs.


Viral: Realne simulacije konkurentnih procesa nad multipleks mrežama (with Andrej Ivašković). Bioinformatics Seminar, 6 April 2016. Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade

Multiplex network inference (using hidden Markov models). Computational Biology Group Meeting, 11 February 2016. Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge


I currently supervise, or have supervised, the following courses:


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