This document describes experiences with running Linux on a Toshiba Protege M200 (pdf) Model PPM21E-1HY2D-EN (zapotec)

This page was started the day the first machine arrived, and is developing.

When is is working sufficiently, it will be given to its user, so I'll no longer have access to the machine.

This report will be listed at TuxMobil - Linux on laptops, notebooks, PDAs and mobile phones under Toshiba

See also adebenham (`ACPI S3 (suspend-to-ram) works with kernel 2.6.0+ with both the open and closed-source nVidia drivers'), bmidgley, this (`nvidia is used which has the option "RandRRotation" set to "true"', `Suspend-To-Disk is broken with nvidia'), (sample XF86Config), this (`notebookd').

Overall Description

The M200 comes with a 2GHz Pentium M 755 (or 1.8GHz 745) (Centrino) ULV 1400x1050 LCD 1GB, with a 32/32KB/2MB cache, 400MHz FSB, up to 2GB RAM, 12.1" SXGA+ TFT 1400x1050, 40-60GBi ATA-6 5400-7200 RPM.

Initial system Load


It came with hda1 using nearly all disc, It would not boot PQMagic off a USB CD drive, so I took the disc out, mounted it in a caddy, used ntfsresize to shrink it, repartitioned the disc, and did a raw dd of our std FC3 image.

Device Tuning

Graphics - nv and nvidia driver OK

The nv driver will work in portrait mode, but the nvidia ignores it. xrandr will not rotate under either driver (using Xor 6.8.2-1.FC3). Using nvidia for landscape and nv for portrait fails when exiting the nv screen.

Include `vga=840' for 1400x1050 text VCs

tablet - nv driver works portrait, stylus works, rotation fails

As xrandr fails, set up two layouts, and use `startx - :1 -layout tablet' to start the second, portrait server on :1.

To get the stylus working, /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/S99local includes `setserial /dev/ttyS0 port 0x338 autoconfig'. Local XF86Config scripts needed the wacom info in /etc/user-config/XF86Config and the rotated layout in /etc/user-config/XF86Config-copy. Install wacom_drv.o in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/input/ as per adebenham info.

Network - Intel PRO/100 (e100 UTP) OK

Network - WiFi works having downloaded and installed the ipw2200 FW

Download the ipw2200 firmware from and install it in the directory $FIRMWARE_DIR named in /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent.

Switch is on the LHS of the the case, neat the LH Ctrl key. Fn-F8 appears to have no effect under Linux.

PCMCIA - yenta_socket just works

audio - snd-intel8x0 just works

USB - ehci-hcd / usb-uhci just work

IDE tuning - Not needed

ACPI - no /proc/acpi/sleep under FC3

toshiba_acpi fails to install saying `No such device', so can't use the fnfx RPM as it says `fatal error: Could open /proc/acpi/toshiba/keys' (sic).

Not yet tried tclkeymon and libretto-hotkeys (python).

WinModem - use slmodemd - manages 52K


BlueTooth - FAILS - no dmabt for ACPI

BlueZ on Toshiba

It appears to have no IRDA

Battery stats

Remaining niggles - won't reboot

On attempting to reboot, it closes down, but doesn't restart. Needs long power off, then power back on to start.

Piete Brooks 2005-11-07