This document describes experiences with running Linux on a Toshiba Satellite Pro M10 (P-M ?) Model PS630E-G206C-EN (and also a Portege R100 PPR100E-00LGH-EN).

This page was started the day the machine arrived, and is developing.

As soon as they are working sufficiently, they will be given to their users, so I will no longer have access to the machines (unless they happen to be on the internet, which is rare). In particular, one has to go to Australia in 3 days time ...

This report is listed at TuxMobil - Linux on laptops, notebooks, PDAs and mobile phones under Toshiba

Overall Description

The M10 has a range of models from a 1.3GHz Pentium M to a 1.6GHz, XGA 1024x768 to UXGA 1600x1200, 30-60GBi. Our M10 has is a 1600MHz Centrino, 15" 1600x1200 TFT active matrix, using the Intel 855PM chipset.

Initial system Load


I was given the machine unpacked.


Inserted PM 8.0 CD, installed, and shrink the C: partition to 4GB.
PowerQuest Partition Magic has detected error 116 on the partition starting at sector 58621185 on disk 1.

The starting LBA value is 58621185 and the CHS value is 16434494.
The LBA and CHS values must be equal.
PowerQuest PartitionMagic has verified that the LBA value is correct and can fix the CHS value.

Would you like PowerQuest PartitionMagic to fix this error?
As usual, rebooted to do the business, but NOT as usual, the result would not boot. Showed WXP startup, said `last boot failed' and offered safe boot, but that failed.

Who wants WXP anyway ??

RedHat 9 network Load

Inserted 9 network boot CD, and booted. Selected "2 Button Mouse (PS/2)".

Set up hda3 as 894-1024 (1GB), hda4 as extended partition, and hda5 as 1GB swap.

`lspci' knows about most of the devices.

RedHat generic

Device Tuning

Graphics - 1600x1200 nv works'

Using the nv driver at full resolution `just works'.

Network - eepro100 UTP OK, ORiNOCO WiFi and BlueTooth not seen

The eepr100 is an old NIC - just works.

APM - just works

`apm -s' puts it to sleep, and power button wakes it up.

Setting boot mode to resume makes the power button make it sleep and wake up.

/proc/apm initially records `0%' for a long time.

IRDA - not tried, but

See wouter

BlueTooth - not tried

WinModem - assumed not usable

Remaining niggles


... 2GB.1
the printed manual says it can use 128M to 1G SODIMMs and has two slots, max memory 1G, but laptopshop, comparestoreprices etc say 2GB, as one would expect

Piete Brooks 2005-05-02